[Dev] wrt dependencies on profile/mobile/efl-assist

Rusty Lynch rusty.lynch at intel.com
Tue Oct 15 23:24:17 GMT 2013

I have been working through the many causes for build breakage on the
recently merged wrt* packages, and now hitting a dependency in wrt for
efl-assist, a package that does exist in the Tizen 3.0 shared

First a reminder to everyone... shared packages can not depend on
profile specific packages without a build configuration option adding a
profile specific build option on.  Otherwise a 'shared' package is only
useful for a specific profile which pretty much defeats the purpose.

Now with that said, in this case I suspect the correct thing to do is to
move profile/mobile/efl-assist to some place in platform/ and then to
push a patch to enable the package to work on wayland.  For tizen-2.x
this repository lived in framework/uifw/efl-assist, so the new location
should likely be platform/core/uifw/efl-assist.

The package is currently in the "Graphics & UI Framework" group so I am
including the domain owners.  I would also include the maintainer, but
seeing as nobody has updated the metadata for the project then, yea...
time to bug the domain architects.
If you guys give the ok then I can find somebody to move the project and
will submit a change to add a build option to build on wayland.


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