[Dev] please help review requests to fix build faiure for gstreamer pacakges

Yin, Yan yan.yin at intel.com
Wed Oct 16 08:34:56 GMT 2013

I saw all these requests are accepted, thanks!
Now Tizen 3.0 ARM image generation is unblocked in gstreamer related domain.

Yin, Yan

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Subject: [Dev] please help review requests to fix build faiure for gstreamer pacakges


Thanks Jerry for accepting the requests to fix the last gstreamer package build failure for gst-ffmpeg, gst-openmax, gstreamer-vaapi, libva.

here are some more, most of which are package delete request, because the one with 0.10 suffix will be used for Tizen:Mobile for now.

gst-ffmpeg      - > gst-ffmpeg0.10
gst-openmax  -> gst-openmax0.10
gst-plugins-bad   -> gst-plugins-bad0.10
gstreamer-vaapi -> gstreamer-vaapi0.10

Yin Yan
Open Source Technology Center (OTC), Intel Corp.
Contact: 021-61167545(external), 8821-7545(internal)

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