[Dev] Removable block devices in TIZEN - new projects needed.

Jacek Pielaszkiewicz j.pielaszkie at samsung.com
Wed Oct 16 12:10:05 GMT 2013


	I have created four issues (type Package Requests) on
bugs.tizen.org/jira to create new projects required to implement udisks
daemon on TIZEN.

https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF-302  - (udisks2 project)
https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF-303  - (libatasmart project)
https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF-304  - (crypsetup project)  
https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF-305  - (simple udisks agent project)

	Can somebody push the issue forward? Thank you in advance for help.

Best regards

Jacek Pielaszkiewicz
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
Email: j.pielaszkie at samsung.com

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