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> Hello Mikko,
> A block diagram would be a good place to start.


> I am looking at Tizen IVI as, in part, providing interface and translation
> between electrical components present in a vehicle and HMI-level
> presentations such as Tizen web apps.  Any given well-behaved web app
> doesn't interact directly with a particular brand and model of LED display;
> it interacts with various OS-provided interfaces, such as weston/wayland
> for visual presentation.  Similarly, a well-behaved web app won't directly
> drive varying electrical pulses on a particular piece of wire to emit 3G or
> other telephony signals.  I expect Tizen and appropriate drivers to provide
> some form of API, so that there is at least one level of abstraction
> between a web app and the control logic for a particular telephony I/O
> device.

This is true for Tizen.

I am initially interested in understanding what the external interfaces are
> that Tizen makes available, and also internal interfaces to the extent that
> there is an internally segmented structure or component structure by which
> Tizen may be augmented, with a primary focus on information flow from
> physical devices to Tizen apps, and on inquiry or command flow from Tizen
> apps to physical devices.  I recognize that for some peripheral devices,
> the I/O at the level closest to the device is brokered by a driver which is
> not part of Tizen; in this case, I am interested in the API that Tizen
> provides for the author of the driver to interact with Tizen.

To illustrate all this is not a simple task but I have some ideas. Let's

-- Mikko
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