[Dev] Tizen 3.0 proposal for fixing OSP/WRT/Core hard-coded UID issue

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Oct 17 15:48:52 GMT 2013

On quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013 09:28:52, Łukasz Stelmach wrote:
> > That's not how X11 sessions work,
> FWIW, there is no such thing as X11 session. X11 is just a display
> server (almost) everyone can connect to.

But if you couple the existence of a D-Bus session bus that is specifically 
tied to that X11 server, we can talk about "X11 sessions". That's defined by 
the triad: user logging in, X11 display and the lifetime of the bus daemon.

> > nor how dbus is currently implemented.
> That is correct... halfway. This is the way that dbus is set up in
> Tizen.  Take a look at [1] and [2] and the code [3].
> Last time I talked to Lenart Pottering, he was aiming the model I've
> described with his systemd-logind. First time user logs in a session is
> started and it is closed when the last shell dies. The only problem I
> can see here is: is it possible to heave more than one active seat?

Lennart is not the only D-Bus developer. In fact, he's primarily a systemd 
developer, not a D-Bus developer (at least until kdbus lands).

More than one active seat is a definite must. Whether systemd-login will 
support multiple logins for the *same* user, that's a matter for debate. As 
far as I understand, GNOME doesn't support it and wouldn't mind if the 
capability went away. KDE, on the other hand, does support multiple 
simultaneous logins of the same user and we'd like to see the support 

> I havn't myself too. However, I've heard Gnome, for example, does have
> some problems running in more than one session for the same user (I've
> heard the issues are because of the way some information is stored and
> shared in ~/.gnome* directories, I havn't seen it myself)

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