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Gerken, Stephen sgerken at jaguarlandrover.com
Thu Oct 17 15:54:48 GMT 2013

I wrote an earlier reply which did not go to the mailing list, which reply
I repeat here.  Sorry for any confusion induced by my error.

Hello Mikko,

I am initially interested in understanding what the external interfaces are
> that Tizen makes available, and also internal interfaces to the extent that
> there is an internally segmented structure or component structure by which
> Tizen may be augmented, with a primary focus on information flow from
> physical devices to Tizen apps, and on inquiry or command flow from Tizen
> apps to physical devices.  I recognize that for some peripheral devices,
> the I/O at the level closest to the device is brokered by a driver which is
> not part of Tizen; in this case, I am interested in the API that Tizen
> provides for the author of the driver to interact with Tizen.

> To illustrate all this is not a simple task but I have some ideas. Let's

I am well aware that I am asking a potentially very large question.  I do
have a little background within which to ask, which may help scope an

I am assuming, at the moment, that Tizen being Linux-derived means that
Tizen internally uses the everything-is-a-file approach to driver
interaction.  That is to say, that every externally-mounted electrical
component appears within Tizen as something in /dev, and i/o between Tizen
and the relevant driver is via read(), write(), and ioctl().  I am assuming
further that substantially all exposure of these device interactions to web
apps is via the "tizen" object as per

One specific point on which I am unclear is, suppose I have a novel
electrical component "foo" not natively supported by Tizen.  Once a driver
is in place and the device appears appropriately in /dev, and once /dev/foo
is mounted elsewhere if appropriate, how does Tizen make device
interactions with this component available at a web app level?  Does Tizen
extend its "tizen" object to include the new sub-namespace "tizen.foo"?
 What software component exposes "tizen.foo"?  What software component
determines the API under "tizen.foo"?

If you can point me in the right direction within the gbs codebase to find
existing components doing this for existing devices, and let me know a few
relevant filenames or interface API functions, I can start reading code and
see how far I get that way.

Thanks much,

Steve Gerken
Linux Developer
MSX, as broker for Jaguar Land Rover

One World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon Street, 11th Floor, Portland, Oregon,
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