[Dev] Questions on status of DLNA APIs in profile/ivi/wrt-plugins-ivi

Kim, Yoonsoo yesarang.kim at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 17:47:44 GMT 2013

Hi list,

Personally I have interests in DLNA features on web applications.

I've just found that the recent release of Tizen IVI release has some
support for DLNA APIs at

What's the exact implementation status?
I can find only the MediaServer.idl file in
but the release note says that all web DLNA APIs at
https://github.com/01org/cloud-dleyna/wiki are supported.
According to documentation at
https://github.com/01org/cloud-dleyna/wiki, I guess that 01.org has
implemented MediaServer, MediaContent, and MediaRenderer APIs.

Just for curiosity, is there any plan to apply this feature to Tizen
mobile profile too?
I think that this feature is cool and not specific to IVI but common
to most profiles.
Could anyone explain why the feature is implemented only on Tizen IVI profile?



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