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Pls follow it up now.



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Hi Jerry and Jinkun,

Have you trigger a rebuild of “gdb” in Tizen:Mobile? I asked this because
I can’t reproduced this error with local gbs build.


The command I used:

$gbs build -A armv7l -B ~/GBS-ROOT-bad -D ../public.conf

GBS-ROOT-bad is a clean new dir. Public.conf is attached. I only added
extension “cross-arm” to “qemu-accel-armv7l” and “qemu-linux-use”.
the repository defined in gbs.conf is the latest one:


url = https://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/rd-pq/tizen_20131017.7/


If the error is still there after rebuild and you find the way to reproduce
the error locally, please share with me.




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