[Dev] Notes of 3.0 Trunk taskforce meeting (Oct. 18)

Liu, Bing Wei bing.wei.liu at intel.com
Fri Oct 18 06:58:23 GMT 2013

 •      Why the daily meeting - already elaborated in Rusty's email below
 •      Roles in the taskforce
        •       Mobile leads: Jerry Ju (Samsung), Junfeng Dong (Intel)
        •       IVI lead: Rusty Lynch (Intel)
        •       BRO leads: Jinkun Jang (Samsung), Praj M. Karur / Jian-feng Ding (Intel)
 •      Goals of the taskforce
        •       Mobile: basically functional images (OSP & Web apps can launch)
        •       IVI: back to normal, esp. able to run web runtime as before
 •      Standing agenda
        •       Raise blocker issues
        •       Report-out from Mobile leads / IVI lead
                •       What have been fixed since the last meeting
                •       What fixes are pending for gerrit review, or merge, or gbs submission, or OBS acceptance
                •       What issues are still outstanding
        •       Report-out from BRO leads
                •       Mobile/IVI image quality status
                •       Which packages were rejected or revoked and why
 •      Meeting frequency
        •       Continue to meet every day next week and change the frequency based on progress
 •      Pattern issues
        •       Release engineers should not simply decline SRs because of building issues. Sometimes several SRs should be accepted together to function
        •       When forking a common package to profile specific and add new APIs, other common packages should not call the new APIs only provided by the profile specific package
        •       Maintainers should review pending patches actively and remember to merge and "gbs submit" because only maintainers have the access right to do so.
        •       Too many backend emails sent to maintainers, which overwhelm the real valuable reminder that call for maintainers' actions -- need BRO team to provide a better solution
 •      Outstanding issues
        •       Mobile
                •       gcc change yesterday caused the build issues of gdb (need re-trigger gdb build)
                •       wrt failed to build (calling for an API that does not exist)
                •       some OSP packages have build failure
               - Looks link build issue again that happened to other OSP packages before
                       - cannot be reproduced in local build
               - someone in Samsung fixed other OSP pkgs by modifying pkgconfig
                        - should evaluate if the solution can be applied to the fail OSP pkgs; Junfeng to follow up
        •       IVI
                •       wrt-installer requires for osp-installer
                •       Rusty encountered some segfaults in the image that may hit mobile soon. Rusty will report out offline
 •      Issue tracking method
        •       Always file outstanding issues on tizen.org JIRA
        •       Content issue --> Tizen Release (https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL)
        •       Infrastructure issues --> Tizen Infrastructure (https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF)

Bingwei Liu

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> From: Lynch, Rusty
> Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 7:58 AM
> To: Liu, Bing Wei; Karur Mohan, Prajwal; Saxena, Sunil; Michael Kim;
> jinkun.jang at samsung.com; ANUJ MISHRA; 주현구; Dong, Junfeng
> Cc: Tizen Dev
> Subject: Kicking off a daily report-out meeting for shared Tizen 3.0
> components
> As everyone actively working on Tizen 3.0 today should know, the state of
> shared Tizen 3.0 components is a bit of a mess today since the start of
> merging all the Tizen 3.0 code.  We will definitely seize this opportunity to
> fine tune our process to ensure we have smother transitions in the future,
> but for the immiedate future we need to quickly get the shared packages in a
> functional, well known state.
> Agenda:
> * Start with a quick discussion on why we are setting up a daily meeting
> * Define roles
>   - Mobile Leads
>   - IVI Leads
>   - BRO Leads
> * Define what the standing agenda:
>   - All raise any blocking issues
>   - Mobile Leads should report out on...
>      * List what items where fixed since the last meeting, and of those what
> items are still:
>         - pending gerrit reviews
>         - merged but not submitted
>         - submitted but not accepted in OBS yet
>         - available in the build
>      * List the known issues being worked and potentially ask for help on
> those items
>   - IVI Leads should report out on...
>     * Follow the same reporting format as mobile, adding additional items
> not covered along with ivi specific breakage caused by the shared
> components
>   - BRO Leads should report out on...
>      * Describe the basic health of the mobile and ivi images
>          - Do we have bootable images?
>          - Do the various prelaunch daemons run?
>          - Can we launch web/osp/efl apps?
>      * Report out on what packages were rejected or revoked and why
>         - Find an owner to fix the issues resulting in the reject/revoke

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