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Kanevskiy, Alexander alexander.kanevskiy at intel.com
Fri Oct 18 13:13:51 GMT 2013

On 10/18/13 15:21 , "Krzysztof Opasiak" <k.opasiak at samsung.com> wrote:

The scenario you're describing where package A will be not buildable until
package B and C not submitted means that packages B and C are directly or
indirectly used as build dependencies for package A.
So, scenario 1, as I wrote earlier, with specifying in package A

BuildRequire: B >= $version_of_B_with_fixes
BuildRequire: C >= $version_of_c_with_fixes

would do the trick. it will explicitly specify that package A needs some
version of B and C to properly be built.

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>> There are few things here:
>> 1. API changes that are not explicitly declared.
>> Normally it's handled that e.g. Library XYZ starts to provide new
>> API that
>> supposed to be used by application.
>> API is provided in version V1. Then, best practice is, if
>> application
>> require that API to declare build dependency: BuildRequire:
>> Library-XYZ >=
>> V1
>> In such submits, if Application submitted first, it will be visible
>> to
>> release engineers that it require newer version of library.
>Here you are talking about library versioning. I think that definitely
>it would be necessary to have such mechanism on our platform and to have
>repositories for this. This would allow other packages to request for a
>certain version of library not only the newer one as is now.
>> 2. Synchronised submissions: in backend there is code (but not
>> currently
>> actively used) that would group packages if they have exactly same
>> submit
>> tag.
>> Those are considered as group and decision for them is taken
>> atomically -
>> either all of them is accepted or all rejected.
>Maybe this mechanism could be used. Please let me highlight current
>We are trying to fix up build breaks on our platform. To do this we need
>to fix up package A which is unable to build. While investigation we
>found out that to fix this package we have to update packages B and C.
>We create all three patches and submit it in Gerrit. The change for
>package A is merged first and submitted in OBS but changes B and C are
>still pending in Gerrit or has not been submitted already, what means
>that package A won't build in GBS.
>There should be some mechanism that allow me as a committer to show that
>changes B and C has to be merged and submitted before changes in A.
>Krzysztof Opasiak
>Samsung R&D Institute Poland
>Samsung Electronics
>k.opasiak at samsung.com

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