[Dev] Notes of 3.0 Trunk taskforce meeting (Oct. 18)

Liu, Bing Wei bing.wei.liu at intel.com
Fri Oct 18 09:00:04 GMT 2013

The key point here is that RE should reject SRs with good reasons and communicate with related package maintainers timely. Rusty can share more backgrounds about how this caused issues on IVI side.
- Bingwei

From: Kanevskiy, Alexander
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 4:11 PM
To: Liu, Bing Wei; Lynch, Rusty; Karur Mohan, Prajwal; Saxena, Sunil; Michael Kim; jinkun.jang at samsung.com; ANUJ MISHRA; ???; Dong, Junfeng
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Subject: Re: [Dev] Notes of 3.0 Trunk taskforce meeting (Oct. 18)

One note about: "Release engineers should not simply decline SRs because of building issues. Sometimes several SRs should be accepted together to function".
It is true that some components must be accepted together to get it build able.
However, it's not reasonable to accept something that _right now_ for sure does not build. There is no value in that.
If we have several components that needs to be integrated together, they should be submitted _together_.
Otherwise, we are back to square one and we will be in the same shape as today – project with many unbuilt packages.

On 10/18/13 09:58, "Liu, Bing Wei" <bing.wei.liu at intel.com<mailto:bing.wei.liu at intel.com>> wrote:

•       Why the daily meeting - already elaborated in Rusty's email below
•       Roles in the taskforce
        •       Mobile leads: Jerry Ju (Samsung), Junfeng Dong (Intel)
        •       IVI lead: Rusty Lynch (Intel)
        •       BRO leads: Jinkun Jang (Samsung), Praj M. Karur / Jian-feng Ding (Intel)
•       Goals of the taskforce
        •       Mobile: basically functional images (OSP & Web apps can launch)
        •       IVI: back to normal, esp. able to run web runtime as before
•       Standing agenda
        •       Raise blocker issues
        •       Report-out from Mobile leads / IVI lead
                •       What have been fixed since the last meeting
                •       What fixes are pending for gerrit review, or merge, or gbs submission, or OBS acceptance
                •       What issues are still outstanding
        •       Report-out from BRO leads
                •       Mobile/IVI image quality status
                •       Which packages were rejected or revoked and why
•       Meeting frequency
        •       Continue to meet everyday next week and change the frequency based on progress
•       Pattern issues
        •       Release engineers should not simply decline SRs because of building issues. Sometimes several SRs should be accepted together to function
        •       When forking a common package to profile specific and add new APIs, other common packages should not call the new APIs only provided by the profile specific package
        •       Maintainers should review pending patches actively and remember to merge and "gbs submit" because only maintainers have the access right to do so.
        •       Too many backend emails sent to maintainers, which overwhelm the real valuable reminder that call for maintainers' actions -- need BRO team to provide a better solution
•       Outstanding issues
        •       Mobile
                •       gcc change yesterday caused the build issues of gdb (need re-trigger gdb build)
                •       wrt failed to build (calling for an API that does not exist)
                •       some OSP packages have build failure
•               - Looks link build issue again that happened to other OSP packages before
                •       - cannot be reproduced in local build
•               - someone in Samsung fixed other OSP pkgs by modifying pkgconfig
                        - should evaluate if the solution can be applied to the fail OSP pkgs; Junfeng to follow up
        •       IVI
                •       wrt-installer requires for osp-installer
                •       Rusty encountered some segfaults in the image that may hit mobile soon. Rusty will report out offline
•       Issue tracking method
        •       Always file outstanding issues on tizen.org JIRA
        •       Content issue --> Tizen Release (https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL)
        •       Infrastructure issues --> Tizen Infrastructure (https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TINF)

Bingwei Liu

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> To: Liu, Bing Wei; Karur Mohan, Prajwal; Saxena, Sunil; Michael Kim;
> jinkun.jang at samsung.com<mailto:jinkun.jang at samsung.com>; ANUJ MISHRA; 주현구; Dong, Junfeng
> Cc: Tizen Dev
> Subject: Kicking off a daily report-out meeting for shared Tizen 3.0
> components
> As everyone actively working on Tizen 3.0 today should know, the state of
> shared Tizen 3.0 components is a bit of a mess today since the start of
> merging all the Tizen 3.0 code.  We will definitely seize this opportunity to
> fine tune our process to ensure we have smother transitions in the future,
> but for the immiedate future we need to quickly get the shared packages in a
> functional, well known state.
> Agenda:
> * Start with a quick discussion on why we are setting up a daily meeting
> * Define roles
>   - Mobile Leads
>   - IVI Leads
>   - BRO Leads
> * Define what the standing agenda:
>   - All raise any blocking issues
>   - Mobile Leads should report out on...
>      * List what items where fixed since the last meeting, and of those what
> items are still:
>         - pending gerrit reviews
>         - merged but not submitted
>         - submitted but not accepted in OBS yet
>         - available in the build
>      * List the known issues being worked and potentially ask for help on
> those items
>   - IVI Leads should report out on...
>     * Follow the same reporting format as mobile, adding additional items
> not covered along with ivi specific breakage caused by the shared
> components
>   - BRO Leads should report out on...
>      * Describe the basic health of the mobile and ivi images
>          - Do we have bootable images?
>          - Do the various prelaunch daemons run?
>          - Can we launch web/osp/efl apps?
>      * Report out on what packages were rejected or revoked and why
>         - Find an owner to fix the issues resulting in the reject/revoke

Best regards, Alexander Kanevskiy.
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