[Dev] Tizen 3.0 : Optimizing applications launch time

Work youngik.cho at samsung.com
Sat Oct 19 13:11:39 GMT 2013

> I'm currently investigating with Dominique Le Foll on some ways to improve
> the application launch time (WRT, OSP or core apps).
> Before thinking of checking preloaders and other mechanisms, I just sat
> down and looked at the actual shared libs we can find in tizen/common
> (x86_64) and IVI (i586).
> First surprise: binaries and libs are *not* stripped.
> I don't know the reason why we build and distribute unstripped binaries,
> except easier debugging (but we have debug packages in the repos...). Does
> anyone know ?
> A quick test on IVI shows that stripping libwebkit2 reduces its size by
> 20% (38MB => 30MB).

I cannot believe in that binaries are not stripped. While I do not know
well about WRT, the debug information of most core package is extracted by
find-debuginfo.sh script to produce separate debuginfo rpm package. Osp
used to have it's own strip/debug information method to support IDE
debugging until TIZEN 2.2 but it is changed to use debuginfo on public
TIZEN 3 now.
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