[Dev] Tizen 3.0 / multiuser: using PAM to maintain user environment inside AMD

Young Ik Cho youngik.cho at samsung.com
Sat Oct 19 13:38:52 GMT 2013

While I am not that experienced with pam module except the default one from
linux distros, your overall idea seems to be elegant to me but probably I
need talked to other colleagues or Mr. Alvin.

> Remark 1: Wether we have one environment per user or one environment
> > per session is actually discussed... Given the previous diagram, do we
> know
> > that a launch request comes from a given session ? It seems that we can
> > handle both cases by adding the origin session id to the launch request.
> > But I'm a bit wary about handling uid+session id actually because of
> extra
> > error handling and added complexity. Do we have use cases for this ?

While there was no conclusion for this issue on the latest f2f meeting, my
suggestion implies that "one environment per user" and "launch request per
user", not session id. Maybe it is much more flexible to use session id
instead of user id but it may incur more complexity and more delay on the
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