[Dev] Tizen 3.0 Multiuser support architecture proposition

Young Ik Cho youngik.cho at samsung.com
Sun Oct 20 03:26:34 GMT 2013

>> Here follows my comments:
>>   - p5 : AMD should be single entry point for "App".
>>           Direct request to launchpad with associated bundle information
> This is as Tizen 2 is implemented today. As you can see in my proposal for
> Tizen 3 I propose to have only one entry point.

Actually launching without AMD works on TIZEN 2.x as AMD/aul supports extra
functionality. app_efl_main(), the entry point for all the Tizen app,
internally invokes aul_get_appid_bypid() function and aul looks for /proc
filesystem if it cannot find the app list from AMD. This fallback behavior
incurrs slight performance penalty around 50msec on target but is
maintained to support shell execution and WebApp behavior.

>    - p9 : Can I get more information on the statement, "Apps are added in
>> user session from outside"?
> Launchpad is running with privilege (e.g as root), so when it launch the
> App is does create a context (environment variables and uid/gid) which is
> the "same" as if the App was launched in the user session.
> This is needed to get the right HOME, DISPLAY, Locale, D-Bus session, ...

I got it. However, apps are always add in user session from outside as we
do not allow fork()/execve() officially and all launch request is forwarded
to AMD.

>   - p11: I totally agree that some DB should be cached or some module
>> should provide better method for performance.
>>           The most of DB access on app launch is package DB. In my
>> opinion, most of the package DB information should be reside in the
>> shared memory to reduce expensive DB access if it does not have security
>> issue. WRT-related DB also should provide similar mechanism.
>>           For Tizen DB, there is already a guideline from security, Mr.
>> Lim, that only daemon can write DB and client is only read it on TIZEN
>> 2.2.
> Would you have a pointer to give me?

Tizen CORE (or OSP) module already follows a guideline similar to your
suggestion: no client can write DB directly.

>    - p16 : I am not sure that TLM(TIzen login manager) should be included
>> TIZEN common platform or not.
> Devices which needs multi user login will need something. Do you have an
> alternative proposition ?

No, I just say that I am not sure it's the role of application framework.
It's role of the profile or commercial vendor to use login manager or not.
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