[Dev] 3rd party so library installation feature

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Mon Oct 21 09:17:49 GMT 2013

On 18.10.2013 18:33, Łukasz Stelmach wrote:
> I should have added that "you" do not count for a "vendor other that the
> creator of the distribution". There is nothing wrong with you of course
> (-; it simply does not prove the point that in general building packages
> by 3rd parties is a common practice.

I think I do count...

>> I think Opera is one good example who build and distribute packages
>> for multiple distributions.
> Yes and on of very few who does so.

That just demonstrates sorry state of desktop Linux, because ISVs 
generally don't deliver their software for Linux.

There are few others, like Adobe (Flash), Nero CD-burning software (I 
purchased this in the past) and of course Intel's software development 
tools (ICC/IFC, IPP, MKL, TBB, VTune, etc).

How would you propose ISV to deliver their commercial proprietary 
software offering for Linux?

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