[Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging

Dong, Junfeng junfeng.dong at intel.com
Tue Oct 22 07:17:07 GMT 2013

And this package isn’t updated to tizen_2.2. please merge the 2.2 code.

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Subject: Re: [Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging

Hi this is Jinkun Jang

The reason for build error is that the source in obs is old.

The latest source does not have the anotated tag for SR.

- OBS :  commit    28338f08c3f9c741242f82d6c79a5fcd2f8539e7

- Latest : commit    3d90bc32df1d189a53b2cfcb286de666de6f1858

Could you add the anotated tag for SR?

If there will be the SR, Hyungu Ju will accept it.


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Title : Re: [Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging

Could you check this in infra team?

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Title : RE: [Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging


I have build osp-messaging in my local PC. The build is successful. Also I confirmed that rmp package was made.
Attachment is build log.

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Subject: Re: [Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging

Hello Lim,

Please follow up this issue. (osp-messaging build error)


Michael kIm.

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Date : 2013-10-22 12:59 (GMT+09:00)

Title : [Dev] Please submit the fix for osp-messaging

Hi the maintainers of “Messaging” domain:

Could you please submit the fix for platform/framework/native/messaging, now it is fail to build in 3.0 Mobile project:


[cid:image001.gif at 01CECF39.C36206F0]



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