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Hi Stephen,

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> One specific point on which I am unclear is, suppose I have a novel
> electrical component "foo" not natively supported by Tizen.  Once a driver
> is in place and the device appears appropriately in /dev, and once /dev/foo
> is mounted elsewhere if appropriate, how does Tizen make device
> interactions with this component available at a web app level?  Does Tizen
> extend its "tizen" object to include the new sub-namespace "tizen.foo"?
>  What software component exposes "tizen.foo"?  What software component
> determines the API under "tizen.foo"?
> If you can point me in the right direction within the gbs codebase to find
> existing components doing this for existing devices, and let me know a few
> relevant filenames or interface API functions, I can start reading code and
> see how far I get that way.

Tizen Porting guide [1] will give you hints how the hardware adaptation is
handled by various
Tizen middleware components. Kevron already gave a good example of AMB
architecture and how it enables automotive data passing from hw to a web
app via a
wrt ivi plugin.

Tizen wrt api plugins talk to tizen middleware components
(wrt-plugins-tizen). OSP
is a similar abstraction for native C++ code. However, OSP is not available
for IVI.

[1] https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Porting_Guide

-- Mikko
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