[Dev] 3rd party so library installation feature

Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Tue Oct 22 09:49:47 GMT 2013


rather than starting by discussing how to add 3rd party on a Tizen 
platform we might want by defining if we actually want to allow it.

In all the inressting discussion of this thread, I see a lot of 
interresting discussion which would make sence for a:
  - desktop
  - rooted device
  - development platform

But when it come to understand what is the value for a connected device 
which is the main targe market for Tizen, I am a bit more unconfortable 
with the idea of adding 3rd party lib(s) in the platform from an App 

We are building Tizen with features to garantee the security of the 
platform and the isolation of applications from the platform.

Allowing applications to add any library to the platform would put at 
serious risk that initial goal.

For me, in short, if a platform needs a library, it should be the 
platform responsibility to add it and make it available to the plaform's 

By available, I mean, either including in the initial image, or when 
license do not allow a direct shipment in the image, by providing an 
install utility which will download the lib on user demand (after 
license and/or payment acceptation)

If an application needs a special library(ies) which is not provided by 
the platform, it should be up to the aaplication to provide this lib 
bundled with the app. Obviously that would increase the size of the App, 
but it's a small price to pay compare to the risk of breaking our 
initial vision of App isolation from the platform.

Wiching you a nice and fun day.

Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Open Source Technology Centre
Intel SSG

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