[Dev] Problem with evas package

Rusty Lynch rusty.lynch at intel.com
Tue Oct 22 16:16:30 GMT 2013

On Tue, 2013-10-22 at 08:08 +0000, ANUJ MISHRA wrote:
> Dear EFL team, 
> There are two evas simultaneouly present in Tizen:Mobile & Tizen:Mobile:build projects. The staging project Tizen:Mobile:build has incorrect evas package 
> which is on path /platform/upstream/evas. Please check below link:
> https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=evas&project=Tizen%3AMobile%3Abuild 
> Whereas Tizen:Mobile project use /profile/mobile/evas package, which is correct. Please check another link:
> https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=evas&project=Tizen%3AMobile
> So, many genuine packages build failing at staging project. Could you please check this issue? There is serious problem with livebox packages due to this issue. 

I'll go one step further.  Will the mobile project please stop forking
the efl packages?  We are having a difficult time having all the other
common packages not call methods that are only available in the mobile

I know there is an effort to update all the efl packages, and that
effort was attempting to follow the correct methodology of working on a
branch till the it proved that the rest of the stack played nicely with
the new bits.  But... seeing as the Tizen 3.0 world has been turned
upside down with a huge insertion of code that (I think) assumes this
new efl base, perhaps we should just immediately move to the new efl and
then immediately stop using the forked versions in mobile.



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