[Dev] pulseaudio update to Tizen 3.0

Rusty Lynch rusty.lynch at intel.com
Tue Oct 22 17:24:31 GMT 2013

Unfortunately you are going to have a very difficult time verifying the
update did not break the stack until the stack is working again.  I
realize that a lot of maintainers have been merging and submitting
updates without verifying the change (especially obvious when the
changes don't even compile), but I would like everyone to once again
only merge and submit changes that actually work and have been
successfully verified.

With any luck we will have a working stack soon, but it's a day-by-day
fight at this point.


On Mon, 2013-10-21 at 09:57 +0000, Uimonen, Jaska wrote:
> Hello All,
> We are about to update new pulseaudio 4.0+ in Tizen 3.0.
> This is done because we have requirements in IVI for 
> bluez5 update and that requires also pulseaudio update. 
> There should not be any API breakage for pulseaudio.
> The idea is to forcibly update both upstream and tizen 
> branches. I see no point in reviewing the upstream changes 
> and most of the patches on top of upstream are old ones, 
> so reviewed already.
> The structure of the git tree will be:
> - cleaned up set of old samsung and intel tizen patches ending at: HEAD
> - 18 new bluez5 patches for hfp ending at: sha1 0d4921f3cec23efe775443b328e5
> - upstream master at: sha1 b402f9e01f84bd77a640dc1
> There has been audio testing to avoid regressions with the update:
> - Vivian Zhang has made very basic testing for mobile
> - IVI QA has tested audio cases without finding any obvious regression
> If you want to see the new pulseaudio tree, it can be found from the devel branch.
> If you have questions, objections or worries, please let me know asap.
> br,
> Jaska Uimonen
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