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Dear All,

Tizen builds its value on dozens and dozens of free and open source
software projects. From audio stack to security framework, from compilers
to web engines. Various approaches to software development are supported:
native, web-oriented, hybrid. Application ecosystem is enriched by
existence of specialized software frameworks. For games, there are multiple
game engines to choose from.[1] For web developers there are JavaScript
libraries. C/C++ engineers have access to many ready to use software
libraries, often already well known from previous work.

Tomasz Olszak and I are founders of the Qt for Tizen open source
project.[2] Our combined experience with Qt is 21 years. A small active
group is already formed around the initiative and we’re a part of a large
open source Qt Project community of professionals. So far major programming
effort come from Tomasz. Within our releases so far, safely marked as
Alphas, several other engineers devoted their time and expertise. We also
collaborate with paid contributors to Tizen already, receive their
technical opinions and support. We believe all this reasonably secures
future of the Qt for Tizen project.

It’s been nearly six months of voluntary work. Now we feel it’s ready for
next step. As individuals who share engineering principles with many of
you, encouraged by positive feedback, we would like to propose inclusion of
Qt development frameworks and tools as an addition to the Tizen open source

We declare our will for continued work, this time within tizen.org. For
that, we need to know a procedure for adding a new subproject to Tizen. In
case of Qt Project it is practiced by sending similar mail to development
mailing list so this is where we’re starting. Regarding setup, we need our
product on JIRA, a place for repositories and OBS access to get the code

Apart from general benefits of opening Tizen to a huge Qt developer base
and technical properties of Qt, following are specific values based on Qt
for Tizen project’s achievements delivered so far. We offer them for the
Tizen project:


   Qt XCB integration for Tizen 2.x emulator and mobile targets.


   Tizen adaptation for qtquickcontrols module suited for application
   development (3rd-party and core). Qt Quick Controls are styled using OSP
   resources (images, color palette) to deliver very the same look & feel as
   OSP. Works on Tizen mobile 2.2 and IVI 3.0. Video:


   Basic handling of application lifecycle. libaul is used for handling
   home button events.


   Integration with Tizen mobile sensors - libcapi-system-sensor is used.
   Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn4bmn2t-7o


   Basic support of Wayland in Tizen IVI 3.0. Video:


   High quality Qt RPM packages for Tizen 2.2 (emulator, mobile) and for
   Tizen IVI 3.0. They have been prepared in a Tizen way with a tizen
   packaging branch. Repositories at


   Qt Creator integrated with Tizen. Added automatic tools for creating and
   deploying tpk packages to mobile device (RD-PQ was tested) or emulator,
   basic sdb support for listing processes and so on. Video:


   Qt Creator-based SDK tested by multiple users on Ubuntu. It is proven to
   work wherever gbs works. This clearly widens possible developer base within
   the Linux community. There is also natural technical possibility adding
   Windows and Mac support.


   Basic handling of Tizen Virtual keyboard (scim/efl one) - libscim has
   been used.

All changes made to Qt related to Tizen have been carefully placed in Qt's
upstream wip/tizen branches and are hosted under the Qt Project umbrella.
Software development process also follows rules of Qt Project. We have
received positive and significant feedback from Qt contributors community
as well as other people related to the Tizen project.

Basic functionalities of Tizen 2.x are therefore delivered. We would like
to focus on expanding to new areas for Tizen 3.0. Among important ones
there are:


   Qt Multimedia support,

   Qt Wayland Compositor API so Wayland compositors can be written directly
   in Qt Quick,

   Specific integration at API level such as direct Qt support for
   Automotive Message Broker of Tizen IVI.

[1] https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Game_development

[2] http://qt-project.org/wiki/Tizen, http://qtfortizen.blogspot.com

*Best regards,
Jaroslaw Staniek, Tomasz Olszak*
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