[Dev] Attn Maintainers: Please solve the failed packages

ANUJ MISHRA mishra.anuj at samsung.com
Wed Oct 23 03:55:16 GMT 2013

Thanks Yang for sending analysis for each package. 
This analysis will help you to fix all below modules quickly. 

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Sender : Yang Chengwei<chengwei.yang at intel.com>
Date : Oct 23, 2013 12:31 (GMT+09:00)
Title : Re: [Dev] Attn Maintainers: Please solve the failed packages

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 01:17:31AM +0000, ANUJ MISHRA wrote:
> Dear all Architects & Maintainers, 
> Below packages are failing and and it is hampering image build. There are some packages (**), which are failing since last build. Please check the cause and update the packages. Please do not forget to raise th SR with comments. 
> Please look into this asap. 
> Regards, 
> Anuj 
> *apps.CertificateSelector > Jong Sang Won(js1.won at samsung.com) Seungmin Yu(so.yu at samsung.com)
the git tree is *empty*.

> **data-provider-master > YOUNGJOO PARK(yjoo93.park at samsung.com) Sung-jae Park (nicesj.park at samsung.com)
data-provider-master merged from tizen_2.2 while its buildrequires
*shortcut* hasn't been, so please the *shortcut* maintainer help to merge
its tizen_2.2 code to fix data-provider-master build failure.

> **media-server > JongHyuk Choi(jhchoi.choi at samsung.com) HyunJun Ko(zzoon.ko at samsung.com)
'gbs lb' passed.
nothing changed in this project and notification, but the build error
  undefined reference to `appsvc_get_pkgname'
And app-svc doesn't changed since Sep 30. Maybe need an OBS expert to

> **mobileap-agent > Jinmin Chung(jinmin at samsung.com) Jaehyun Kim (jeik01.kim at samsung.com)
'gbs lb' passed.
The same as media-server.

> **org.tizen.sat-ui >Young-Ae Kang(youngae.kang at samsung.com) Jungmin Kim(jm15.kim at samsung.com)
nothing changed since May 10, 'gbs lb' passed. Need a 'gbs submit', the
source in OBS is too old.

> **org.tizen.volume > SeungTaek Chung(seungtaek.chung at samsung.com) minho kim(minho07.kim at samsung.com)
'gbs lb' passed.
The same as media-server.

> *osp-app-controls > Jong Sang Won(js1.won at samsung.com) YOUNG IK CHO(youngik.cho at samsung.com)
*No tag here but the commit already in OBS*, why?
Patch submitted here https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/11233

> *osp-appwidget-service > Jong Sang Won(js1.won at samsung.com) Jong Sang Won(js1.won at samsung.com)
Not fail now.

> *osp-common-service > Jong Sang Won(js1.won at samsung.com) jaesung ku(jaesung.ku at samsung.com)
SR is pending here https://build.tizen.org/request/show/16412

> **osp-face > DAEKYU SHIN(daekyu.shin at samsung.com) Gong-Wook Lee(gongwook78.lee at samsung.com)
Need a 'gbs submit'.

> *osp-web > Danny Whang(yswhang at samsung.com) hyunseok yang( hs0219.yang at samsung.com)
Need the maintainer to take a look.

> **system-server > MyungJoo Ham (myungjoo.ham at samsung.com) Gi-Yeol Ok(giyeol.ok at samsung.com)
'gbs lb' passed, and the OBS build log useless, need an OBS export to


> *wrt > Seung-Mo Cho(seungm.cho at samsung.com) JiHoon Chung(jihoon.chung at samsung.com)
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