[Dev] Dependency on qemu package for arm build

ANUJ MISHRA mishra.anuj at samsung.com
Thu Oct 24 10:27:02 GMT 2013

For arm build almost all packages inheriting qemu dependency and it stop to build when it does not find these two qemu packages. 
  nothing provides qemu-linux-user
  nothing provides qemu-accel-armv7l

To overcome this Jerry enabled the qemu but it is unresolvable due to SDL package missing. We verified that for RSA arm build 
qemu package is integral part of it. So, disabling the qemu from build is not solution but we have to resolve this package. 
No developer able to use RD-PQ latest or near latest snapshots for their local build verification. This is blocking issue to solve 
remaining build issue in Tizen 3.0. 

There is no meaning to use another snapshots for checking local build. I request qemu maintainers to resolve this package 
and examine its dependency on SDL package quickly. Without this progress would be very difficult. 

-- Anuj 

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