[Dev] Notes of 3.0 Trunk taskforce meeting (Oct. 25)

Rusty Lynch rusty.lynch at intel.com
Fri Oct 25 20:53:18 GMT 2013

On Thu, 2013-10-24 at 22:14 -0700, Liu, Bing Wei wrote:
> Notes of Oct. 25
> =============
> * Attendees
>   Intel: Sunil, Rusty, Praj, Junfeng, Qiang, Chengwei, Bingwei
>   Samsung: Anuj
> * Mobile
>   Build status
>     - good progress in the last two days; only 5 build failure packages left
> 	  apps.CertificateSelector, livebox.web-provider, mobileap-agent, osp-appwidget-service, osp-web
> 	  AR: maintainers need to continue working on them
>     - Issue: sdbd has a runtime dependence problem, which blocks IA image creation
> 	  the right git path for sdbd should be platform/core/system/sdbd, but two weeks ago it was overrided by sdk/target/sdbd
> 	  AR: Praj to disable the git-OBS mapping from sdk/target/sdbd to Tizen projects
>       AR: BRO team to review if there are other cases where 2.2 packages directly map to 3.0 OBS project
> 	- qemu issue for local build has a verified solution and just needs to be deployed (TINF-317)
>       AR: Praj to deploy and notify the mailing list
>   Image function status
> 	- PTREL-136 (blocker issue)
> 	  The content merged from tizen 2.2 assumed that the 2.2 SMACK domains still exist, but it has been changed in 3.0
>  	  AR: Anuj to involve Samsung developers and security team to investigate
> * IVI
>   Several fixes pushed to enable launching EFL apps with pre-launch daemon
>   The pre-launch daemon can launch web apps but cannot render properly (something related to SMACK label again)
> 	AR: Rusty to file a bug for tracking

"wrt fails to set DAC access controls"

"wrt apps rending transparent content"
For this I still do not know what is happening


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