[Dev] Tizen 3.0 Multiuser support architecture proposition

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at samsung.com
Mon Oct 28 08:55:24 GMT 2013

What is wrong with /home/{username} anyway?

All access to private data should be via the HOME environment variable
which is set according to an entry in the user database (passwd). Which
of course makes it quite easy to put users' data anywher we please
but... Putting users' files under /opt is very misleading for new

PS. I hate top-posting.

It was <2013-10-26 sob 07:34>, when 김정훈 wrote:
> Hi Dominig,
> I attached the material instead of Young.
> Regards,
> David.
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> Sender : YOUNG IK CHO<youngik.cho at samsung.com> S5/Senior
> Engineer/Service Platform Group/Samsung Electronics
> Date : 2013-10-25 20:52 (GMT+09:00)
> Title : Re: Multi user details questions.
> Sorry for late response. Mr. Bae, would you post the previous material
> instead of me please?
> Actually there is a minor issue for $HOME directory. On the *NIX
> world, the actual user directory is /home/{username}. However, I
> proposed /opt/usr/uid instead of /opt/usr/username. There is subtle
> issue of assigning username in the literal form and I think using uid
> instead of username is fine. The file standard hierarchy does not
> specify the user directory name in detail and we just need to maintain
> symbolic link of /home correctly.
> I will leave the comment and internal discussion soon.
> Regards,
> Young
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> Sender : Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC)<dominig.arfoll at fridu.net>
> Date : 2013-10-24 17:16 (GMT+09:00)
> Title : Multi user details questions.
> Young,
> 1) as said I will push a joined presentation on the mailing list Monday 
> evening (CET). It would have been nice if your slides could have been 
> pushed as a response to my posting of last week.
> It would show that the discussion is open.
> can you do that ?
> 2) File position.
> Your proposition (slide 5) derive from mine (slide 9), on the private 
> file position.
> In your slide 5, you have some private files in $HOME and some other in 
> /opt/usr/uid.
> Only the $HOME can be retrieve in a reliable manner from via pam. So I 
> propose to move the all the user private file in /opt/usr/uid in $HOME
> Both files system are in rw. If for any reason on your vertical you need 
> to get those file on a different fiile system than $HOME, you can use a 
> mount -bind.
> As soon as your slide deck will be in the public mailing list I will 
> post that comment in public.
> If you have a good reason to propose that for the common base 'all 
> verticals), thanks to explain it to me.
> Regards

Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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