[Dev] Tizen 3.0 Multiuser support architecture proposition

Carsten Haitzler c.haitzler at samsung.com
Tue Oct 29 02:37:53 GMT 2013

On 10/28/2013 06:36 PM, Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) wrote:
> Le 26/10/2013 07:34, 김정훈 a écrit :
>> Hi Dominig,
>> I attached the material instead of Young.
>> Regards,
>> David.
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>> Sender : YOUNG IK CHO<youngik.cho at samsung.com> S5/Senior 
>> Engineer/Service Platform Group/Samsung Electronics
>> Date : 2013-10-25 20:52 (GMT+09:00)
>> Title : Re: Multi user details questions.
>>   Actually there is a minor issue for $HOME directory. On the *NIX 
>> world, the actual user directory is /home/{username}. However, I 
>> proposed /opt/usr/uid instead of /opt/usr/username. There is subtle 
>> issue of assigning username in the literal form and I think using uid 
>> instead of username is fine. The file standard hierarchy does not 
>> specify the user directory name in detail and we just need to 
>> maintain symbolic link of /home correctly.
> I do not think that deriving from the reliable and well accepted 
> method of using the $HOME is the good idea.
> Getting the $HOME from the environment is easy and reliable. It has 
> proven its value over the years.

+1 - also sticking to the freedesktop.org structure wherever possible 
too. if we need to EXTEND it a bit and ADD some dirs - then let's 
discuss that (where the fdo standards fall short) and then propose to 
fdo these extensions.

> For me, using uid in a file path which is in a non standard location 
> in the Tizen base platform should be avoided for two reasons :
>  1) it creates a new hardwired link between the login and the uid that 
> we might regret if we have to enforce Application isolation in a later 
> version of Tizen (4.0 ?) by the use of container.
>  2) it requires two rw mounting points on the any Tizen compliant 
> platforms. That add complexity to the Flash organisation (in 
> particular on device with only one small Flash) without adding any 
> extra value.
> I would propose that for the base Tizen, we stick to the use of $HOME 
> in the compliance. Up to a platform manufacturer to create link (e.g. 
> with mount -bind) to other locations to provide backward compatibility 
> if needed.
> Dominig
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