[Dev] Block issues of Tizen 3.0 mobile bootup summary - 1028.1

Yang Chengwei chengwei.yang at intel.com
Tue Oct 29 10:28:50 GMT 2013

Hi List,

I just checked the Tizen 3.0 mobile image boot up status on PR3 with
below image

There is a jira ticket to track this boot status, see PTREL-131. This is
a short summary.

Compare with previous image (1023.3), below issues are gone.
  * PTREL-52, Xorg can not start up, though the xkeyboard-config still
    keeps old, need to upgrade, the maintainer put another fixes to
    xcomp and xorg-server.
  * PTREL-136, e17 crashed into dlopen(), gone just like how it came,
    unknown reason.

New regressions are:
  * PTREL-137, amd crash due to ecore_x_init() failure, patch was
    accepted (V+1, R+2) but need a maintainer to click "submit" on
	Gerrit and then do a 'gbs submit'
  * PTREL-149, sdb doesn't work, workaround can be found there and
    @Junfeng will submit changes from platform/core/system/sdbd to
  * PTREL-150, a lot of packages are missing in image, includes but not
    limit to ail, pwlock, all osp apps (apps.Home, apps.Lock and etc.),
	assigned to @Prajwal

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