[Dev] Notes of 3.0 Trunk taskforce meeting (Oct. 29)

Jian-feng Ding jian-feng.ding at intel.com
Tue Oct 29 12:16:00 GMT 2013

Notes of Oct. 29

* Attendees
  Intel: Rusty, Praj, Junfeng, Qiang, Chengwei, Jianfeng, Sri
  Samsung: Jinkun

* Mobile
  Build status
    - Still the 5 build failure packages pending
      apps.CertificateSelector, livebox.web-provider, mobileap-agent, osp-appwidget-service, osp-web

  Image function status (updated by Chengwei's latest mail also)
    - PTREL-52  Xorg can start now
    - PTREL-136 disappear by unknown reason
    - PTREL-137 amd crash issue
    - PTREL-149 sdb need more work to resolve
    - PTREL-150 lots of missing packages in current image

  - Can launch web apps now
  - Unexpected files in image by unkonwn source, need more searching
  - Tizen plugin of web runtime problem(?), will submit SR to fix it soon

* Build/release/tools
  - No more topics today

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