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>> I've got some patches for GBS I'd like to push to gerrit and discuss.
>> I see quite a recent code tagged 0.19 there, however, it does not seem
>> to be on any branch. If this is going to be the next official release
>> could you (who?) please create the tizen branch so there is a place
> Tools/gbs development model are different from general Tizen packages,
> here's the basic model of gbs development:
> - devel branch: the main development branch, which accept all patches
>   for features/bugs

Devel? Not really there


> - release-%{version}: release branch for special version, once code
> freeze for one version, related release branch will be created from
> devel branch.

Missing too.

> - master branch: not development branch, just used to release, once
> new version ready, the release branch will merged/ updated to master
> branch.

I can see this one and it seems to be OK.

> So any patches please submit to devel branch, but before that, Please
> create bug or feature request at JIRA, details guide refer to:
> https://source.tizen.org/documentation/articles/reporting-issues-0
> We have not synced latest gbs code to Tizen.org, will do it soon,

Is it possible for you to develop on/keep tizen.org copy up to date?
Once in a while I find some issues and I'd like to be able to check
whether they have already been fixed and/or submit my patches.

> before that it's better to create a jira bug and submit patch as
> attachment.


Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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