[Dev] API Change Request Review Process

Yoonsoo Kim ys71.kim at samsung.com
Thu Oct 31 02:43:16 GMT 2013

Dear list,

Let me introduce myself to you first.
I'm one of Tizen Platform Architects and in charge of Tizen Native API

It is very important to define and maintain consistent, well-documented,
easy-to-use, hard-to-misuse, easy-to-learn APIs to support Tizen application
developers very well and as a result, make Tizen ecosystem flourish.

To achieve this goal, TSG have prepared a initial process for defining and
maintaining APIs including Tizen Native and Web Device APIs.

Here's the brief summary of the process.

1. An API submitter submits an API change request(ACR) to tsg-arch-
api at lists.tizen.org list.

2. Designated ACR reviewers give comments on the ACR on the mailing list
during review.
If they agree on the ACR, add "Reviewed-by: reviewer name <reviewer's e-
mail>" before
ACR body.

3. If the submitter gets "Reviewed-by" tag from all designated ACR
he(or she) can upload it to "Tizen APIs" JIRA

4. Post activities of each ACR such as TC implementation, TC test results,
related documents(developer's guide, API reference, tutorial and etc)
will be tracked on "Tizen APIs" JIRA

In JIRA workflows,
"reviewing" means the submitter created an ACR and/or designated ACR
reviewer is reviewing the ACR.
"approved" means the ACR reviewer has approved the ACR.
"rejected" means the ACR reviewer has rejected the ACR for some reasons.
Mostly because the submitter didn't go through the ACR review process on
the tsg-arch-api at lists.tizen.org
"resolved" the submitter and co-workers has completed all the post
activities such as implementation of APIs, implementation of TCs,
making all TC passed and writing related documents.
"closed" means that QA team(or release engineer or whom?) has verified
whether all the post activities have been done.

You can check out the detailed process and related documents at

"Tizen APIs" JIRA can be accessed at

Please, subscribe tsg-arch-api at lists.tizen.org if you want to participate
in API review process
or are expected to add/change/remove APIs.
The URL is https://lists.tizen.org/listinfo/tsg-arch-api

I will appreciate any comments on the process because it's in kinda initial


Yoonsoo Kim(ys71.kim at samsung.com)
Principal SW Engineer/Tizen Platform Architect
Mobile R&D Office
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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