[Dev] Tizen 3.0 Configuration System

김정훈 david_kim31 at samsung.com
Thu Oct 31 03:58:07 GMT 2013

Dear Auke,

Here is the timeline of Tizen 3.0 Configuration System.

Tizen 3.0 Configuration System: Agreed to move forward with new Configuration system that will provide client-server key-value support for Tizen 3.0.  The timeline we agreed to is:
•	We start immediately with Auke-jan and Jung Hoon (David) Kim as the leads
•	Sept 30th: Initial draft of the specification / API definition on tizen3dev
•	Oct 15th: Prototype implementation for Tizen 3.0 to begin migration of VConf to new configuration system on tizen.org
•	Nov 15th: We would have migrated 6-12 services/apps.  Prototype for notification will be implemented.  Evaluate milestones beyond Dec 15th.
•	Dec 15th: The API will be frozen and all code available in Alpha quality.
•	Mar 15th: Beta quality code with VConf removed completely from Tzien 3.0

We need to check the current status of each items.
If possible, could you send the draft version of API definition?


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