[Dev] [RFC] kdbus transport for DBus

Jacek Janczyk j.janczyk at samsung.com
Thu Oct 31 11:26:29 GMT 2013


Here, at Samsung, we are experimenting with product specific DBus extension
to use kdbus (kernel module) as a transport layer instead of Unix sockets.
Currently the scope is limited to enable applications using either libdbus
or glib (libgio) to work on top of kdbus bus without noticing any
difference. More one can find in a brief arch description attached to
modified dbus sources (see doc-kdbus directory). In the same place there is
also a current development status. We will add there also our todo list.

Currently this is a standalone bus. A brief howto included in doc-kdbus
directory explains how to run selected apps over kdbus transport. At the
moment we are working on system integration to completely replace system and
session busses with our solution, however the work is performed on product
specific platform.

Nearest future plans covers finishing the work on libgio, implementing
security support on bus layer and making our solution more Tizen generic.
And of course fixing bugs... :)

What is important, please bear in mind that our work is independent from the
work performed by guys from systemd working on integration with kdbus. Yet
we committed to kdbus upstream many bug fixes we had found.

Current development sources are available here: 

- platform/core/system/kdbus-bus

- platform/upstream/dbus
- platform/upstream/glib

Any community feedback is heartily welcome. Although the target platform is
fixed at the moment, when we are satisfied with the result, we will direct
our efforts to extend the solution to support generic Tizen 3.0.

Best Regards,

Jacek Janczyk
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
Office phone: +48 22 377 9535
j.janczyk at samsung.com

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