[Dev] Multiuser: Tizen DB identification work before relocation

Dominig ar Foll dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Thu Oct 31 14:10:28 GMT 2013


in Tizen 2.2 we did not need to identify which DB where used for system
and which were user specifics.

In tizen 3.0 with the introduction of the multiuser user support, the
clear identification of system (or global) DB versus the user DB is
needed because user DB will need to be duplicated for each user.

You will find bellow my initial DB list. It is very likely that this
list is incomplete as it may vary for each vertical.

Thanks for each vertical owner to check and complete that list and to
each maintainer to add a comment which describes the use of that
database and which packages access it (thanks to separate readers from
writer when applicable).
My team finding show that some of these DB remain empty what doe not
help to know what is their use.



--------------- Tizen DB list -----------

DB Name                    use                  Comment
.app_info.db               system   
.account.db                user                usage to be confirmed
.ace.db                    system   
.cert_svc_vcore.db         system   
 .appsvc.db                system   
  .alarmmgr.db             system   
 .notification.db          system   
.pkgmgr_parser.db          system   
.pkgmgr_cert.db            system   
.privacylist.db            system   
.privacy.db                system   
 .badge.db                 ???                 usage to be confirmed
 .mida.db                  system   
.rua.db                    User-global         info per user but used by AMD
.syspopup.db               system   
.wrt.db                    system   
.bluetooth_transfer.db     user   
.browser-history.db        user   
.calendar-svc.db           user   
.contacts-svc.db           user   
.download-provider.db      user   
.email-service.db          user   
.internet_bookmark.db      user   
.media.db                  User-global         Exception to share resources
.msg_service.db            user   
.wrt_custom_handler.db    user   

Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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