[Dev] Setting dash as default shell (or getting rid of bash)

Barbieri, Gustavo gustavo.barbieri at intel.com
Mon Sep 30 21:20:21 GMT 2013

There is transparent decompression for btrfs including different methods such as lzo or zlib.

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On 09/28/2013 02:33 AM, Thiago Macieira wrote:

On sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2013 12:09:17, Leandro Pereira wrote:

If you're concerned about binary size, you could use a binary packer

such as UPX. A quick test here, compressing my own shell (on a x86-64

machine) yields pretty good compression. UPX decompresses really quickly

so it's very unlikely it'll become a bottleneck:

Binary compression is a trade-off between disk space usage and RAM usage.

Depending on the system, it might also be a security risk.

That's because the decompressor needs writable pages to decompress the image

to, then mark it as executable. Hopefully, the decompressor moves from RW to

RX instead of RWX, but you need to check that. And in any case, since those

pages aren't backed by actual files on disk, the kernel must use the swap if it

needs to discard the pages, even the unused pages.

if anything this would be best done with filesystem native compression (ala cramfs) and then the pages are at least backed and shared. :) short-term this only helps if we move to use cramfs, but longer-term it may be a valid "todo list" item to look at adding transparent decompression to btrfs/f2fs/ext4 etc.


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