[Dev] Help - Build tizen generic image

Suresh Kanzariya skanzariya at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 17:04:12 GMT 2014


Before I have build individual package for Tizen, now I Need expert
advise to build tizen image.

I am following below link.

Here are my command
cd /data/TizenProject

repo init -u ssh://<username>@review.tizen.org:29418/scm/manifest -b tize
n -m generic.xml

repo sync

Now in order to build the image from where should I apply gbs build
command? (i.e. from TizenProject dir), And 'gbs build' will build the
complete image or is there any other method?

Here are content from my gbs.conf file.  I am not able to attach the
file so pasted it here !!

#Current profile name which should match a profile section name
profile = profile.tizen
tmpdir = /var/tmp
buildroot = /data/GBS-ROOT/
packaging_branch = master

#Common authentication info for whole profile
#user =
#CAUTION: please use the key name "passwd" to reset plaintext password
#passwd =
obs = obs.tizen
#Comma separated list of repositories
repos = repo.tizen_latest
#repos = repo.tizen_main, repo.tizen_base

#OBS API URL pointing to a remote OBS.
url = https://api.tizen.org
#Optional user and password, set if differ from profile's user and password
#user =
#passwd =

#Repo section example
#Build against repo's URL
url = http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/mobile/latest/
#Optional user and password, set if differ from profile's user and password
#user =
#passwd =

#Individual repo is also supported
#url = http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/trunk/ivi/latest/repos/base/ia32/packages/
#url = http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/trunk/ivi/latest/repos/ivi/ia32/packages/

Thank you.

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