[Dev] Is there a choosen way of logging events from native or system services in Tizen?

Roman Kubiak r.kubiak at samsung.com
Wed Apr 2 08:22:40 GMT 2014

I'm not proposing to remove anything, justo to disable the running dlog 
services. I understand that the library is needed. I'm using the latest 
snapshot image for the M0 target (rd-pq) built using MIC.

As for the "config" files:
/opt/etc/platformlog.conf is used
/home/developer/.platforminfologgingmode is used too
(i don't know how they are used, i'm just saying let's add them to the 
SPEC and remove the .service files from systemd, leave all other 
components as they were, nothing will be broken and we get 2 less 
processes running as root)

extract from dlogctrl
--- cut here
f [ "$MODE" = "set" ]; then
     if [ "$OBJ" = "platformlog" ] && [ "$VAL" = "1" ] ; then
         echo 1 > /opt/etc/platformlog.conf 2>/dev/null
         touch /home/developer/.platforminfologgingmode 2>/dev/null
     elif [ "$OBJ" = "platformlog" ] && [ "$VAL" = "0" ] ; then
         echo 0 > /opt/etc/platformlog.conf 2>/dev/null
         rm /home/developer/.platforminfologgingmode 2>/dev/null
     echo "You must reboot this target to apply the change!"
     if [ "$OBJ" = "platformlog" ]; then
         cat /opt/etc/platformlog.conf 2>/dev/null
--- cut here

On 04/02/2014 09:41 AM, Ylinen, Mikko wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 3:49 PM, Roman Kubiak <r.kubiak at samsung.com 
> <mailto:r.kubiak at samsung.com>> wrote:
>     Well if we turn them off (systemctl disable/stop) then all logs go
>     to the journal (this is the behaviour we want anyway, i just
>     checked this on the M0 target if dlog is not running and the magic
>     /home/developer/.platforminfologgingmode file exists all logs go
>     to the journal ). So it could be a good thing to remove dlog
>     services and force all logs to go to the systemd journal.
> Getting rid of dlogutil daemon is different from getting rig of 
> libdlog. There are 200+ binary RPMs that depend on libdlog.
> However, it is possible to configure libdlog output to systemd journal 
> and avoid the need for dlogutil daemon.
> Tizen IVI has that config by default.
> btw, which version of dlog you actually have?
> platform/core/system/dlog.git only checks for (i.e., not 
> /home/developer/.platforminfologgingmode):
> #define PLATFORMLOG_CONF "/tmp/.platformlog.conf"
> #define PLATFORMLOG_ORG_CONF "/opt/etc/platformlog.conf"
> and disables libdlog to journal by default.
> -- Mikko

  Roman Kubiak

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