[Dev] Last call for maintainer before force "Accept" "Submit" (slow progress)

Zofia Abramowska z.abramowska at samsung.com
Thu Apr 3 12:53:22 GMT 2014

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> On Fri, 28 Mar 2014 18:32:14 +0100 Dominig ar Foll
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> said:
> > Hello,
> >
> > After 3 days we have only 3 pending patches which have progressed.
> > Still 19 to go.
> > See attached file.
> > Maintainers, please step up.
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> > Regards
> i can tell you what the problem likely is...
> the people you are trying to ping are not even subscribed here. most
> developers who work on stuff that's related to tizen around me simply
> are not on any tizen mailing lists. also the email system they are
> meant to use (webmail) doesn't have filtering, deletes all mail after 2
> weeks, and has no threading abilities...
> they just never know you said anything... :) most likely. so you are
> shouting at an empty room.
> i have a suggestion to cure this.
> 1. we require anyone doing any tizen development (especially anyone who
> has to review or approve something) to be subscribed to this mailing
> list, and must read it actively. if people want to be involved they
> need to be contactable and actually respond. they need to know about
> general discussions etc.
> 2. given #1, we send out a ping here to EVERYONE that they must respond
> to on this mailing list. ensure the mail is not just a few lines (make
> it 50 or 100 lines long) so you see if they READ their email or not (eg
> if it's more than 2 lines they skip it).
> 3. wait 2 weeks.
> 4. everyone who has not responded after 2 weeks gets removed from
> having any review/maintainer roles. replace those people with some
> generic maintainer person who does respond, so things can move along.
> i've been following this "someone please look at my review" thing for a
> while now. there are pings here and it regularly fails to get
> attention. people are not doing their jobs it seems. they don't take
> their responsibility seriously enough to respond within a reasonable
> time. i see no alternative but to be harsh at this point. also publish
> the list of all people removed so there is a bit of public naming and
> shaming. it's time to learn the hard way.
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People sometimes go on vacation/holidays, so this "2 weeks deadline" does
not really speak to me well, especially when we're talking about naming and

When it comes to maintainers, maybe there should be some mechanism to
temporarily pass the rights of maintainer to someone else, when he/she is
not able to fulfill his/her role.

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