[Dev] Launching Tizen SDK application on Tizen 3.0

ASHISH SHRIVASTAVA ashish.shri at samsung.com
Fri Apr 4 10:01:36 GMT 2014

Hello Mateusz Malicki, 

You have mentioned about some bugs in this post, due to this you have made the changes in appfw, app-service and security-service modules.
It will be good to know the issue which you faced and the purpose of your changes. We would be happy yo provide assistance in getting the issue resolved.

Ashish Shrivastava

I am new in Tizen and almost new in English so forgive for glaring errors.
I tried to run the application on the Tizen 3.0.
Below are the steps that I need to do to achieve the goal.
I had to make a few changes in the code and bypass a few bugs which I do not
know how to solve.
I have described a few problems which can't solve alone. I ask for your
I want to change code of appfw, app-service, security-service.

1. Execute osp-security-service.
Take into account the changes introduced in the appfw 

Possibility to dynamic load by osp-loader(added -pie linker flag)

2. Execute osp-app-service.
2.1. I think that commit
ce.git;a=commit;h=275a4f30bfb384c5f6eb6f78ecd78b4c3af183d7 should by
Above commit changed application path from /opt/apps to /opt/usr/apps.
To launch service path must be set to PATH_OPT_APPS (=/opt/apps) which is
defined in 
2.2. Add _AppLaunchCondition::GetLaunchArgs in appfw.

3. Execute osp-common-service.
osp-common-service setup SettingsServer server.
osp-common-service contain class derived from ServiceApp which construct
_AppImpl object.
_AppImpl Construct function creates SettingsService client instance.
Client is created before SettingServer -- it always fails.
I think that commit that provide above cyclic dependency should be reverted.
For now i use:
diff --git a/src/app/FApp_AppImpl.cpp b/src/app/FApp_AppImpl.cpp
index e41f92a..6415e85 100644
--- a/src/app/FApp_AppImpl.cpp
+++ b/src/app/FApp_AppImpl.cpp
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ _AppImpl::Construct(const IList* pArgs)
-       r = _SettingInfoImpl::AddSettingEventListenerForInternal(*this);
+    //r = _SettingInfoImpl::AddSettingEventListenerForInternal(*this);
        SysTryLog(NID_APP, !IsFailed(r), "[%s] failed to add setting event
listener.", GetErrorMessage(r));
        return E_SUCCESS;
4. Execute sample service application (it was build with Tizen SDK).
Still investigating.
Hint: with following patch causes application works.

diff --git a/src/security/FSec_PrivilegeInfo.cpp
index bc6621c..f704517 100644
--- a/src/security/FSec_PrivilegeInfo.cpp
+++ b/src/security/FSec_PrivilegeInfo.cpp
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ _PrivilegeInfo::Construct(const AppId& appId, const
String& encryptedPrivileges,
        memcpy(__bitwisePrivilege, pDecrytpedBitwisePrivilege,
        __appId = appId;
-       __apiVisibility = visibility;
+       __apiVisibility = visibility + 1000;
        std::unique_ptr<IEnumerator> pEnum(null);
        r = __privilegeList.Construct(32, 0.75);     


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