[Dev] (RFC) FreeRDP for Weston into Tizen

Manuel Bachmann manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org
Fri Apr 4 16:49:30 GMT 2014

Hello folks,

I very recently pushed a request to get the "FreeRDP" package into Tizen.

If it's accepted, it will allow to compile Weston with the RDP protocol
support. Using this, we will be able to :
- run one or multiple Weston instances on a Tizen device ;
- accessing them remotely, from a station running Linux, Win32, Android...
in a way similar to VNC, but with better performance :

Here is a video sample of Weston running with FreeRDP :

I personally see at least 2 use-cases :
- development, debugging without need to have a device at hand ;
- displaying end-user applications remotely.

As for the current limitations, you cannont currently run GL-accelerated
applications through RDP, so you have for example to degrade EFL into
software mode to make them run.

Initial request :

Please comment and give your impressions on this !

*Manuel BACHMANN Tizen Project VANNES-FR*
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