[Dev] [Multiuser] System User ID Policy for the Daemon Processes

이동선 ds73.lee at samsung.com
Mon Apr 7 11:19:22 GMT 2014

Thank you for your response.

I added my response in line.

Best Regard,
Dongsun Lee.

>It was <2014-04-07 pon 10:13>, when 이동선 wrote:
> Hi, all.
>> I am Dongsun Lee working in Tizen security part at Samsung.
>> We are studing how to minimize the root processes in Tizen 3.0.
>> To do that, one of what we need is the system user id policy to replace the root user.
>> So I proposed the policy, "one system user per domain"(refer to the below mail).
>> Even if only one man wrote the response mail, I think people agreed with it.
>> So I went further.
>> There is no daemon in some domains, so they don't need the system user.
>> And there may be more than two daemon in one domain. 
>> In that case, one system user will be assigned for those daemons.
>> (If other system users are needed except the system users of domains,
>> it should be examined first by the security engineers before it is assigned.)
>> Following is the example of the system user assignement.
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> [Domain]                - [system user name]
>I am not sure if strict assumptions like one-uid-per-daemon or
>one-uid-per-domain are good starting points. My Linux experience tells
>me that we should take them with a grain of salt and be prepared to make
>decissions on case-by-case basis. The former policy may be too strict
>and require some code to be rewritten, possibly from scratch, which may
>be quite a lot of work. The latter, however seems too slack and not
>secure enough.
I admit that there will be exceptions to this policy, "one system user per one domain".
For those exceptions, we(the tizen security team) can discuss with the developers case by case.
I think this policy can be applied flexibly enough to meet your view.

I don't believe that every developer can add the system user to the Tizen platform. 
I believe there should be an entity to manage the system user assignment and it is the tizen security team.

And we are not planning to develop some codes to apply this policy.
We will just be monitoring the daemons and notify to the developers when some security issues are found.

If we specify the user in the *.target or *.service file of the systemd, the daemon will be started as a specified user.
That's all. We don't need any more code change.

>Łukasz Stelmach
>Samsung R&D Institute Poland
>Samsung Electronics

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