[Dev] [SDK/Emulator] Change the way we run the emulator

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Totally agree with that. Emulator argument & kernel args should be stored in the config file.


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Subject: [Dev] [SDK/Emulator] Change the way we run the emulator

I'd like to change the way we run the emulator.

1. Instead of running "emulator-x86" binary immediately, wrap it using shell script or batch script.

- Since the emergence of environment variables such as LD_LIBRARY_PATH, it's inconvenient to run without the Emulator Manager.

- Avoid modifying the Emulator Manager binary when additional requirements arise.

(Try to minimize hard-coded parts in the Emulator Manager binary)

2. Hide the default emulator run arguments using qemu "readconfig".

- Enhance usability when running the emulator using commandline.

- Move as many options as possible to the config file except the ones configured in the emulator-manager.

- Progress as the first step to organize the emulator arguments.

Let me know if you have any opinion.


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