[Dev] Cynara

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Fri Apr 11 08:38:28 GMT 2014

On 11.4.2014 11:29, Jussi Laako wrote:
> For example, credit card payment terminals have their own keyboards for
> entering the PIN code, these input methods and routed to the POS system.
> For a reason...

This was supposed to say "are not routed to the POS system".

Overall, it just good sanity design to separate:
- Input methods
- Display output
- Window management (z-ordering and input routing control)
- Application launch control

You can also add security heuristics if you want, so that for example 
antivirus software is checking at application launch if there was input 
method activity at the same time.

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