[Dev] Display servers (was Cynara)

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Fri Apr 11 13:01:11 GMT 2014

Speaking of display server's I find it hilarious that keyboard, touch, 
mouse and video output somehow belong together, but audio is always 
outside the picture.

Does Siri voice input in iOS go through display server? I don't think so.

Why would audio be somehow special compared to touch, mouse, keyboard or 
video? How about haptic feedback or accelerometers?

In Tizen, pulseaudio is audio equivalent of the display server. Why 
doesn't pulseaudio hook into all keyboard, mouse and touch events?

Better to keep all those separate and not create "all encompassing" mega 
notreally-display -server that would be security and privacy disaster.

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