[Dev] Display servers (was Cynara)

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Mon Apr 14 11:55:04 GMT 2014

On 11.4.2014 19:57, Schaufler, Casey wrote:
>> In Tizen, pulseaudio is audio equivalent of the display server. Why doesn't
>> pulseaudio hook into all keyboard, mouse and touch events?
> It doesn't need to.

Exactly. Parts dealing with GPU doesn't have to hook into keyboard or 
touch events either. For hardware mouse pointer (outdated concept in 
days of touch) needs to know location, but it doesn't need to know about 
button clicks or scroll wheel actions.

Keyboard input doesn't need to go anywhere else except to the 
application where it is actually being used for the moment and then it 
either results something being changed on the screen or not.

Forget all the ancient display server paradigms are think fresh.

>> Better to keep all those separate and not create "all encompassing" mega
>> notreally-display -server that would be security and privacy disaster.
> Right. But we all know that if security makes the mouse
> jerky or the frame rate fall below 60 FPS it's outta there.

Not on OpenBSD for example... ;)

And event routing in kernel doesn't need to be anything more complex 
than pointer lookup from a table.

Packet routing and switching for network has been working on different 
OSI layers for long time at much higher packet speeds than we ever see 
in input methods.

Current display server implementations remind me of NBF/NBX networking 
protocols of 80's that relied heavily on broadcasts.

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