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José Bollo jose.bollo at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Apr 14 13:44:27 GMT 2014

On lun, 2014-04-14 at 14:59 +0200, Lukasz Wojciechowski wrote:
> Hello Sorry on lag in answering to list.

You are forgiven.

> I've been working on Cynara's API (that is BTW already published on wiki 
> page http://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Security:Cynara#API_2).


> There is only synchronous API designed for libCynara for now. I agree 
> that there is a need for asynchronous API and we are going to publish 
> one later. For now our priority is to get Cynara working with currently 
> published API.



> Cynara needs to know policies in order to properly check privileges when 
> asked. Someone has to gave it some. I believe that there will be many 
> processes that will need to change set of Cynara policies:
> * installer (it reads manifests and knowns what application wants to use 
> what privileges)
> * privilege-manager (it certainly has to access Cynara policies to make 
> some user demand restrictions)
> * user adding/removing/managing (every user created has a list of 
> applications that [s]he ca run and a set of privileges that [s]he can use)

Look at what you wrote just above.

> In Cynara we have two interfaces:
> * one for checking privileges - open for everybody (or almost) - 
> accessed by libCynara
> * second for playing with Cynara policies
> The 2nd one should be used only by a trusted application. I believe here 
> is a need for a 2nd service to take care a CynaraAdmin role.
> Cynara is design to be completely generic. There are no Tizen relations 
> in its API. CynaraAdmin service needs to give provide API specific to 
> Tizen distribution taht will be used for:
> * managing policies
> * managing users
> * application installation processes
> * application launchers
> It shall be an extended service version of current libprivilege-control 
> API. This will be Tizen specific.
> It will be responsible for setting SMACK labels on directories and files 
> during installation, proper privileges dropping (setuid, etc) during 
> application launch
> and among all these things it will also set proper policy rules in Cynara.
> @Jose: Why do You think that SMACK label user's UID and privilege name 
> are not enough to check access? Maybe You can provide an example?

Above you wrote that the privilege (restrictions) are given by
application. Then I'm understanding that the application is needed to
determine the rights. 

But what are the privilege we are talking about? Is it those of
https://www.tizen.org/fr/privilege/ ? Or is it something else?

Best regards

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