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>>> Services that are being used by applications need to control if the
>>> caller has sufficient privileges to call each API. In Tizen 2.2.X this
>>> level of access control was done using very detailed Smack policy on IPC
>>> mechanisms. Since Tizen 3.0 is introducing compact 3-domain Smack
>>> policy, there is a need for user-space mechanism that complements the
>>> solution. This is a place for new module - Cynara.
>>> Details can be found at wiki page:
>>> http://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Security:Cynara
>>> Page is still being constructed, but is is high time to share and
>>> probably start a discussion.
>>> I will be glad to answer any questions about it.
>>> I plan to publish roadmap for Cynara development and API draft this week.
>> cynara_check ... where will the service daemon get the client string, and
>> client_session string?
> SO_PEERCRED and SO_PEERSEC. Dependable. The wiki includes
> examples of how to do it.

yeah - i know this one. this is how you can get pid/uid/gid from the
other end of a unix socke. how do you get the client and client_session
string (in a way that the client can't lie to you)?

>> if these are provided by the client... a client can just lie.
> You're correct.
>> why not just provide the PID of the client directly to cynara and it does
>> the rest? (this also means you can change, in future, what parameters/info
>> you
>> use to categorize a client).
> This is one of the methods available. There are race conditions
> in /proc, so it isn't technically reliable.

sure. interestingly the cynra wiki suggests using proc to get creds:


i would expect to tell peolpe to only use socket+ SO_PEERCRED only it is

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