[Dev] RD-PQ images not getting built

Chen, Gui gui.chen at intel.com
Tue Apr 15 03:38:10 GMT 2014

The problem is in the repo side, maybe some package is not successful or the pattern is not precise.
Could you please provide your repository link here? it will help a lot to resolve the issue.


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Subject: [Dev] RD-PQ images not getting built

Could someone maybe tell us why are the RD-PQ images not getting built, there is an abvious dependency problem but we just can't fix it on our side, and i see that the partition layout has also changed on the M0 target so we'd like to test it:

Below a few lines of logs:
[04/09 22:05:20 PDT] repo problem: nothing provides tel-plugin-at_standard needed by pattern:mobile-framework-.noarch,
[04/09 22:05:20 PDT] repo problem: pattern:mobile-applications-.noarch requires org.tizen.setting, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: org.tizen.setting-0.1.87-100.1.armv7l[mobile]
[04/09 22:05:20 PDT] repo problem: pattern:mobile-osp-.noarch requires osp-security-service, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: osp-security-service-[mobile]
[04/09 22:05:28 PDT] found 3 resolver problem, abort!

We can't build an image using MIC because of that.

best regards



 Roman Kubiak

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