[Dev] [SDK/Emulator] Emulator kernel upgrade is postponed and other issues...

SeokYeon Hwang syeon.hwang at samsung.com
Fri Apr 18 04:11:40 GMT 2014

I'll postpone to apply 3.12 linux kernel to tizen because of a big problem.

The problem is that the hang happens for a certain period of time (several
minutes) when booting in many Windows PC.

Until resolving the problem, I'll postpone it.


We need a help to resolve it, especially from HAX developers.  

Because it happens when running with turned on VT acceleration with HAX.

The other fact is that guest kernel time is stopped.

Please treat this with a higher priority.

The HAX may not be the cause of the problem. However, it will be very
helpful if HAX developers help me.


Also, I have a question about HAX.

Why does the running with disabled HAX be the faster than the running with
enabled HAX for the time (loading kernel -> starting init) in Windows?

It can affect the overall performance in Windows, so please check this
performance issue.



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