[Dev] Should I use Release or Snapshots branch?

Clark, Joel joel.clark at intel.com
Mon Apr 21 17:43:36 GMT 2014

Snapshots are made several times a day everytime the code base changes.  They are not yet tested and may or may not boot.  They are useful when you check in code to see if your code check-in works

Releases as done no more than once per day, and are known to have base functionality working. And are targets for QA. Releases/milestone are considered very stable.


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Hello All,

When we are looking at download.tizen.org, we see two branch, 1. release 2. snapshots

Now in order to build tizen image, which branch I should consider, as tutorial says about release branch where as updated code found in snapshots branch only. So what is the difference between two?

I have successfully  build the tizen generic image from snapshots branch, the command was run successfully and one .raw.bz2 file was generated, but have little confusion so wants to make it clear.

Also what is the difference between generic and emulator branch? As I have build generic image, so can i run it using qemu?

Thank you.

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