[Dev] Merge python-rpm and rpm

ronan ronan.lemartret at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed Apr 23 13:56:17 GMT 2014

Hi all,
Le 23/04/2014 03:45, 김보곤 a écrit :
> To consider the package dependency between python-rpm, python and rpm,
> I am not sure this is good idea to merge the python-rpm to python.

I'm fully agreed with you, this is why I merge "python-rpm" and "rpm" ;)

> Pyhton is a big module which takes more than 30 minites to build on ARM.

> Because this changes, it will cause circular dependency between rpm and
> python.
> As a result, it will increase total build time.

No, when you build "python-rpm" you also build rpm a second time.
Merge "python-rpm" and "rpm" save one package build.

Currently, I'm rebuilding Tizen common from scratch into a private OBS, 
with this rpm review, I should have the result tomorrow but it's seem OK 
for me.

Circular dependency between rpm and python was a legacy from Meego.

> I'd like to hear other point of view about this changes.
> Best regards


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